On demand talk show: Digital transformation in the media and broadcast industry

Watch this talk show for a 50-minute update on:

  • Which role media ecosystems, innovation, and national and international collaboration play in the future of broadcast and media companies.
  • How media companies are dealing with the changing digital landscape.
  • In which ways customer demand is impacting their strategy
  • How media and broadcast companies view the possibilities of blockchain.
  • Special guest Benjamin Dalle (Flemish minister of Brussels, Youth and Media) about the mediahub & digital transformation initiatives and the investment of 35 million in the context of the Flemish recovery plan.


Valerie-1Valerie Thys (moderator)
Valerie has built a broad and extensive experience in the entertainment industry and hosted prestigious business events, TV and Radio shows.


Sven-1Sven Van Vlem
Sven is Head of Technology at DPG Media. He has lots of experience as an Innovation Manager and a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast
media industry.

Yan-1Yan Ketelers
Yan is CMO at Venly, a company that provides blockchain technology. He has been working in blockchain since 2017. He is passionate about and a big advocate of web3, NFTs and the metaverse.

Dieter-1Dieter Boen
Dieter is head of technology strategy and innovation at the VRT. Dieter focuses on open innovation, in which entrepreneurship and international collaboration are central to shaping the future of media.


Robert van Beurden
Robert is media broadcasting expert at LCL Data Centers. He has over 20 years of experience in the telecom- and mediabusiness and knows all about the opportunities and challenges of media companies.


Special guest: Benjamin Dalle
Benjamin Dalle (CD&V) is Flemish minister of Brussels, Youth and Media. Previously, he was director of Ceder, the CD&V research department, and a senator.


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