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Media in transition: a battle for talent and audience

Belgian educational institutions are highly esteemed for content production and technology, which is a significant advantage but also presents the very challenge: the international community takes notice, leading to a brain drain of some highly sought-after profiles.

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Rewatch the talkshow here and discover the insights on this topic: the media in transition: a battle for talent and audience.

Participants in the debate

Lieven De Marez

Lieven De Marez

Professor - Research Director,

Natascha Rommens

Natascha Rommens

Partnerships Manager,
Flanders Game Hub

Jonathan Van de Velde

Jonathan Van de Velde

Program and Communications Director,
MediaNet Vlaanderen &
Seeds & Growth For Media


Robert van Beurden

Media & Broadcasting Expert,
LCL Belgium

Francesca Vanthielen (1)

Francesca Vanthielen


Laurent Petit 2

Laurent Petit

SVP Markets & Business Alliances,
EVS Broadcast Equipment

"Merging the energy and creativity of young media talents with the wisdom and experience of the seasoned, doesn’t that sound amazing? That should be the winning formula."


ROBERT van Beurden, LCL
Robert van Beurden, Media & Broadcasting Expert, LCL Belgium.

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